MTS offers Process Instruments make CoagSense coagulation controller is an integrated controller that accepts multiple inputs from appropriate parameters including pH, flow, temperature, UV254, turbidity and streaming current. From these measured parameters, the CoagSense outputs a flow proportional coagulation control signal that can go to a site SCADA or direct to control a coagulant dosing pump.

Coagulation is affected by multiple variables associated with and individual to any one water treatment site. These include but are not limited to:

  • Raw water pH, alkalinity, turbidity, organic loading, temperature
  • Coagulant used
  • Post coagulant pH, temperature
  • Physical aspects including dosing point, mixing etc.

These variables are typically different from site to site, water source to water source, and even day to day.

Pi believes that one size does not fit all. One method of coagulation control cannot be trialled at one site and rolled out across many. Each system needs to be designed and specified for each water treatment plant and that is a service offered by Pi.

Prior to changing existing controls, it may be beneficial to install and monitor how well an existing coagulation controller is doing by installing a coagulation analyser.

  • Configured and optimised for each site
  • Stable and reliable
  • Excellent process control
  • Can interpret UV254, streaming current, pH, turbidity and flow
  • Profibus, Modbus and TCP comms to SCADA
  • Help and consulting available
  • For many years, water companies have been looking to control coagulant dose on a single parameter. That parameter has been; pH, turbidity, streaming current or UV254. All of these parameters have been used to control coagulation on a water treatment plant with varying degrees of success.

  • The CoagSense coagulation analyser from Pi allows for the control of coagulation on a water treatment plant using one or more, or all of these parameters.

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